This Isn't Even My Final Form! [Update + Little Healing Spells X]

by - December 24, 2018

 Season's greetings to all who may have stumbled upon this long-forgotten page. My name is Lana and since the day on which I began this blog, I have been consistently inconsistent with it, much like with the rest of my social media accounts. Nonetheless, the art of story telling through ink and image alike has remained a constant passion for me throughout the years and I have been practising it in other places, such as my Instagram, my recently-created YouTube and soon enough my Twitch as well. I have also been a passive seeker of inspiration on Tumblr (occasionally) and Pinterest. Ironically, amongst  all of these platforms on which I try to be somewhat open to the public, I always seem to gravitate back to this blog which was my little safe space from the world. It is here that I was always free to post thoughts and photos with little regard for who would witness them.

 What will change?

 My interests and methods of self-expression have more or less evolved during my time away from this compendium of experiences (and during my time spent filling it in, to be quite frank). Thus, for a start, the blog title shall be changed from "Forgettable Tales of a White Rabbit", as beloved as that one was, to something which better reflects my current focus. I do not promise that "Definitely Not a Witch's Blog" will be its final title, but it is a good start. The domain name will have run its course fairly soon too, and I expect that I will not be purchasing a new one straight away.

 Second, I will no longer be writing posts in both English and Bulgarian. Whilst translation is a passion of mine and I loved maintaining both languages (and even had aspirations of adding French into the mix), it simply does not look well in this mixture of writing and images. I have chosen to rely on English first and foremost, as it is the language shared by the majority of my friends who have expressed an interest in reading this blog. If there is enough demand for it, I will, of course, revert back to dual language mode, but for now this is the case.

 On that note, I have also removed the Bulgarian version of all of my previous posts. This is in part due to the above-mentioned factors, but also because I have levelled up in the area of translation and, frankly, revisiting my writings from four years ago is far from painless, haha.

 Oh, and I have also graduated from university and moved countries during my "brief" period away. That's a thing too, and material for future posts and videos as well, I suppose.

 What will remain the same?

 The content. Though I eventually intend to add some more linguistic musings into the mix, this little space will be just as chaotic as ever. And oh, yes, little healing spells will still be posted!

 For any newcomers who are unaware of our tradition here, "little healing spells" is an ongoing series of posts dedicated to appreciating and romanticising the small things that make life worth living. One does not need to practice any form of witchcraft to perform this particularly uplifting "ritual". You can find a list of the previously published sets in my sidebar under "Curaga" (because Final Fantasy references and white magick are always essential). These things will be vastly different for everybody and so I always encourage readers to add their input in the comments as well. And with nought else left to do, I believe that it is time for me to move on to the newest instalment in the series - Little Healing Spells, Vol. X.

☽ Waking up to the realisation that it has been snowing during the night.

☽ Warm, fluffy socks.

☽ Minced pies and mulled wine.

☽ Overhearing people humming Christmas songs on the street.

☽ The light reflected from icicles.

☽ How well red, green and yellow complement each other.

☽ The stinging in your nostrils from inhaling the cool winter air.

 I shall keep this post short and sweet compared to my others, as I do not want it to be overwhelming. Look forward to some very exciting travel posts (including Greece, Thailand, Qatar and Japan), as well as my usual review/recommendations, outfit posts and more healing spells.

 I hope that you have a magical Yuletide, Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate, and I will (hopefully) see you soon once more.

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  1. Aaah I'm so happy that you're back blogging! I absolutely love your little stories you post on instagram, and I'm looking forward to seeing what content you produce on here.

    Lizzie // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, gorgeous! <3 I hope that I don't disappoint!