Samodiva's Song [OOTD]

by - July 06, 2017

 Come away, oh weary traveller, and join the samodiva's festivities.
 We have no food to give, but our honeyed voices shall keep thy heart full. 
We have no mead to quench thy thirst, but drink from our spring, and thy head shall spin with joy.
We have no instrument but our song, but join us in our merry dance,
for you shall ne'er wish to leave, until your legs give out,
and the earth shall swallow you,
and our smiles devour you.

 Merry meet, dear traveller,for you have stumbled upon a land of enchantment unfamiliar to you.

 Recounts of the samodivas inhabiting this land vary from one source to another, and often change with the times. Though they were first depicted as unearthly beautiful maidens with flaming red hairs, I chose a version which pictured them as having locks spun from golden thread. I stayed true to their clothing of choice: a white cotton dress or shirt. And, despite being a habitual barefoot wanderer, I decided that these boots from Gipsy Dharma were simply too good not to include in this look. The flower crown is a personal touch, as is my beautiful lovespoon necklace, the latter of which adds an ever-present Celtic touch to my look. As it is a dear gift from my beloved (and lovespoons are, after all, traditional gifts carrying romantic intent), I am reluctant to share its place of origin. I might tell you in private, if you ask nicely.

Ah, yes, and samodivas are sometimes said to have wings on their backs, hence why I feel no guilt in displaying my own draconic ones beneath my clothing.

 Blessed be, dear ones, and may our paths cross again.

Pictures: my darling Gabriella
Dress: Mi Ami
Boots: Gipsy Dharma
Flower crown: Forever 21
Wig: Elfiore

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