Dancing with Wolves [OOTD]

by - March 23, 2017

Once upon a time in a grey, urban Underland, there lived an entirely unimpressive girl who refused to call herself an adult. She liked growing up in a city but she often wished that she could see the stars in the night sky, instead of the rectangular lights from the apartment buildings. Or that trees towered over her, rather than skyscrapers. That is why when she had to leave her home, she always chose those paths which winded through parks and gardens. And no matter where she went, she always made sure to dress accordingly (according to her own standards, that is).

 One day, the girl decided to go on a walk in the nearest park with one of her closest friend Mi. The weather was nice, so she selected a particularly striking dress. Ruby red, it was, with a hood to match. This dress of hers, she had got from Misfit Army, owned by another friend of hers, also by the name of Mirella. Though it looked excellent on its own, it also bore accessories proudly - corsets, cardigans, jackets and more. Those items, she tended to find scattered around

Backpack: Canterbury market
The finishing touch of this outfit was her amulet for protection received from her lover. He lived a thousand miles away from her, so she always gifts from him close to her heart. You never knew when the Big Bad Wolf might jump out from between the trees, so best be prepared.
Cardigan: Miso
Dress: Misfit Army
"White Wolf" stock image: ITSDURA on DeviantArt
Entirely convincing photoshop edit: Me, sadly
Necklace: Unknown
Belt: Ebay
Pictures: the incredible babe Mi
Leggings: Calzedonia
Shoes: Unknown
  ... Oh, were you expecting more to this tale? You are, of course, aware that in stories like these, one only ever hears about the main characters' appearance and rarely about what they actually did? Very well. If you would like to see more, you can visit Mi's page and read (or at least see) another, quite different perspective of that day. You can also feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below, or perhaps suggest a better fairy tale for next time. For now, however, I bid you adieu. And remember not to talk to strangers on your way.
Art by Cowsloveclover

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