Candid [February Favourites, 2017]

by - March 08, 2017

 When I first made this blog, I promised myself that, though I might not share much personal information to the public, I would be as sincere and honest in what I wrote as possible. So far, I have not strayed from that goal. This is why I will confess that I have felt very unsatisfied with myself and what I have created and/or put out into the world lately. This includes any writing and imagery you may see me post. However, I plan not to let myself delete all of my internet spaces and start anew, as I have done may times before. Instead, I will allow myself a bit more freedom here (believe it or not, I tried my best to limit my topics and themes). I hope that you will bear with me during this period. And maybe, just maybe, you might find something you like in this jumble of interests.

LITERATURE: Faerie Magazine
 Faerie Magazine is far from your usual read-in-the-bathroom-when-you-forget-your-phone periodical, though you are absolutely free to do exactly that. Every letter and pixel printed on the pages of these mags are chosen with the greatest of care and attention to detail and I have yet to see a single piece of filler material or even a typo within. All of the artists, travel destinations, arts-and-crafts projects and recipes are worth checking out. And if you don't feel like reading the articles or short stories inside, simply admiring the gorgeous imagery will be enough to breathe new life into the otherwise dull quotidian.

MOVING PICTURES: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
 I had stopped watching television for many years but the desire to do so is slowly coming back to me under the strong influence of my family and mi amore. So far, my "watching" list consists mostly of documentaries about wildlife and Medieval English literature, but I find it equally enjoyable to sit back and watch something simple to switch my brain off for an hour. And that's where K-Dramas came in, and more specifically Goblin (도깨비) or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. What drew me in to this particular drama was the beautiful cinematography, the elements of fantasy involved, and the burning desire to find parallels between European goblins and Korean dokkaebi. The storyline itself is nothing fantastic or unpredictable, but seeing it through the perspective of a culture vastly different from our Western one definitely feels refreshing. The episodes are far too long for me to watch in one sitting, but they are packed with information and events and it's easy to pause without experiencing the nagging sensation of leaving something unfinished. Plus, Lee Dong-wook makes a rather handsome Grim Reaper, don't you think?


Mostly calming tunes, probably influenced by my need to relax during and after the exam session. Some instances of pop and electronica, and just a hint of the heavier motives I usually go for.
 I wrote very little in February (apart from university assignments, of course), but my camera was not as idle as my pen. Above are some of the looks I got to shoot, all created by the amazing and talented Vess, and you can see more of them on her Facebook page and her Instagram. She has only just started posting her looks, but I'm itching to shoot her and my beautiful Gabriella again soon.
PLACES: Tsarevets fortress
 I do not plan on writing a separate post about my trip to Veliko Tarnovo yet, but I cannot ignore it without a mention, either. Here, you can see examples of Bulgarian architecture from the Early Revival period all the way through the Liberation. The grey giants of Communism, however, have hidden these historical buildings from sight. If one were driving past Veliko Tarnovo, one might not look twice, were it not for the imposing ruins of the Tsarevets fortress surveying the roads from the hillside. This fort has been the home of four of Bulgaria's kings and the death of the Latin Emperor Baldwin I of Constantinople. The tower in which he was imprisoned and perished now bears his name. An even more morbid scene is the Execution rock, where those who were sentenced to death were thrown into the Yantra river. If all of this is too dark for you, then turn your attention to the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of God. You would never guess that behind its 11th-and-14th-century walls (built atop a late Roman church) lie strikingly modernist murals. Added during its reconstruction in the 20th century, they scenes of medieval Bulgaria. Finally, the fortress boasts an audiovisual show which tells of many key moments of Bulgaria's history.
 Overall, this is more an educational venture than anything else. You might find it both physically and mentally tiring, but I promise you it is worth the effort.

GAMES: Mystic Messenger

  If my introduction to this post did not make you click "Unfollow" on all of my social media accounts, then feel free to do so now. I am not making a good impression by choosing a mobile phone game and a dating simulator, at that, as my first feature. Honestly, even I do not understand how I got sucked into it, but the fact is that Mystic Messenger is terribly addictive once you've started playing. And, in the spirit of all otome games, it also makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world, without you doing anything other than chatting with attractive fictional characters. If you are still reading because you are waiting for me to tell you how this game is different from other dating sims, feel free to stop here. I will not be able to make such a bold claim, as it this the only game of its kind I have ever played, and it was ultimately exactly what I expected an otome to be like. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I don't believe that one should feel guilty for something as insignificant as liking a female-oriented game. My only wish is that it would stop hogging all of my phone RAM. Perhaps Agent 707 could fix that. Or he'd just hack my phone.

WEARABLES: Candy Pink wig by EverydayWigs
Taken & edited by my babe Mi
It took me a while to gather the courage to style and wear this blessing from the lacefront deities, but once I did I could not stop. The overbearing presence of pink on my Instagram profile is proof enough. This colour is achieved through a blend of pastel pinks, blondes and lilacs. The soft and silky material has just the right amount of shine to it, and it leaves this beautiful wig at your command. If you'd like to restore or reshape some of the waves, all you have to do is curl the strands of hair around your finger and release. Plus, in most cases finger-combing tends to work for loosening any tangles. If that isn't enough, EverydayWigs thoughtfully include a comb and two wig caps into all orders. While I enjoy being an earthy little forest elf, I certainly like to pretend that I am a resident of Lothlórien with this beauty.

 What were some of your favourite things last month?

P.S. These posts are under no obligation to stick to the same topics each month and may be subject to changes at any point. And, should anybody feel like they want to know about something other than these few points, they are absolutely free to add a comment below.

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