The Naming of Cats Is a Difficult Matter [Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium]

by - February 01, 2017

 The waitress comes up to our table and, with a friendly flick of her cat-ears headband, takes our order: one "Alice" and one "Wookie" hot chocolate, please."Good choice," she winks "they're my favourites too!".

 No, we have not lost our way in London and wandered into a Maid café. We are in Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, a two-story cat café where trees grow underground and time always passes far too quickly. We are in Wonderland.

 To start off, I would like to put everyone's doubts to rest, regarding of how ethical Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is: the cats living here are all rescues. They have plenty of space to live and toys to frolic and have fun with. Their carers make no compromise with the health and happiness of these lovely felines. Remember, however, to always do your research on the cafés you visit.

 The admission fee goes entirely towards the needs of the cats (food, kitty litter, vet fees). Despite what many probably expect, the menu inside is reasonably priced and both the food and drinks are delicious and filling. Each of the speciality drinks bears the name of one of the thirteen cats, and all of those cats have fantastical and Disney-inspired names. "The Alice" was a soft and fluffy rose white chocolate (we Bulgarians love our roses). Neither the flowery aroma nor the sweetness were overbearing, as they tend to be in similar hot drinks, and the result was a soothing bedtime hug in liquid form. Mi amore's "Wookie" orange milk hot chocolate is a combination I normally dislike and actively avoid, but a single whiff of it was enough to make me briefly reconsider my choice. Plus, who could resist this adorable, fluffy face. I am definitely trying "The Wendy" Irish cream mocha next time!

 If you are hungry, then you are definitely in luck, because all of their bagels get served with a side of salad and crisps. I got a tuna sweetcorn salad bagel, and mi amore opted for  brie, rocket and sundried tomato one. After a lunch like that and ages spent playing with our fluffy hosts, we felt ready to tackle London. But that is a story for another time...

 I shall not name all of the cats pictured in this post, for I am afraid I will make a mistake along the way. I will, however, hint that Wookie is a feline you just can't miss!

Enjoy, kitty lovers!

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