And Here Come the Bloody Tourists [OOTD]

by - October 11, 2016

Shorts: Terranova
Backpack: Canterbury
Outerwear/Връхна дреха: Imperial
Necklace: Norwich
Lana Croft... it does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
I must have been about eight years old, maybe even less, when my parents bought Tomb Raider for my PlayStation. In any case, I was below the recommended age and it definitely showed, seeing as my mother and sister ended up passing most of the game for me, my only real achievement being defeating the Giant Atlantian entirely on my own. Still, that didn't stop me from admiring the badarse heroine and attempting to manoeuvre and climb obstacles like her, much to the displeasure of any adults who might have witnessed those fiascos.

 Nowadays, I am happy with being a simple tourist, but I still receive the occasional flattering comparison to the famed archaeologist. It must be the combination of brown shorts and green tops I love so much, topped with a ponytail or a plait. Lara did not seem too good at adapting to the weather conditions in the first few games, however, so I've taken the liberty of adding another layer of clothing over my tank top - she might not have any trouble with arthritis, but I will definitely suffer in my old age! As for accessories, I doubt Miss Croft would like anything shiny to attract unwanted attention to her, or get in her way whilst she's trying to escape threats, be they human or mythological. A simple necklace on a string and a backpack will suffice, and I'm certain she would not say no to a pair of gloves and a hat, now that the weather is quintessentially autumnal.

So, really, the only difference between us is the fact that I would pet the animals attacking her, rather than pulling any firearms out. Which is probably why I should not try following in her footsteps.

Pictures by: mi amore

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  1. Страхотни са станали снимките, много ми харесват и съчетанието на дрехи. Може ли да ми кажеш от къде мога да си намеря такова колие?

    1. Здравей, много благодаря! Конкретно това колие ми е от проктичко магазинче за сувенири в Норич, Англия. Подобни, обаче, съм виждала и по родните такива - което и да било магазинче за сувенири или с родни орнаменти. Със сигурност ще си харесаш нещо сред тях.