Little Healing Spells IX

by - August 19, 2016

 This summer has blessed our little garden with an unseen before amount of lavender, which now adorns my room with the scent of sweet dreams. Rivaling it is only the petrichor outside - the result of an increasing amount of thunderstorms. Autumn is not far now, and you can feel it everywhere, be it the return of pumpkin spice latte advertisements in the cities, or the gossamer strings of gold embellishing the forests. Now, as our furry neighbours prepare to take out their winter coats once more, and mountain peaks put on their caps of snow, I count down the days before my final breath of summer arrives.

Ten. Nine. Eight...

- Comparing tans with friends.

- And assuring them that their sunburned cheeks are actually adorable.

- Overhearing funny stories in the public transport.

- Those summer hits that only last a month, but without which it just wouldn't be the same.

- Post-festival exhaustion (and satisfaction).

- Knowing that you will inevitably run into people you never get to see, but want to.

- Eagerly awaiting something - be it a road trip, a new release from your favourite artist, the new season of a TV series, the start of university, a tattoo, love.

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