A Rustle in the Wind... [OOTD]

by - August 01, 2016

 A rustle in the wind  reminds us a fairy is near.

 I have never been fond of fake flowers, but I am also careful about when and for what reason I pick real ones. You may rest assured that no daisies were harmed in the making of this outfit post. Besides, neither humans nor the fae folk would have appreciated my making wreaths out of the flora of Sofia University's Botanical Gardens.

 Clearly, I am no pioneer in choosing to wear white in the summer, but this was a personal challenge for me, as this dress is one of the few white items in my wardrobe. I find that, though it welcomes any colour or amount of accessories, it needs very little, for it stands out on its own. I like to complement it with light tones, such as the silver and baby pink of my crystal necklace. Magically, silver is a relatively neutral metal. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is the prime stone of love, both romantic and platonic, kindness, and emotional healing. Carry a heart-shaped rose quartz with you to attract love. If you feel distressed and need to be calmed or reassured, give it a squeeze for as long as you need to.

 As for the shoes, they were plain white flats, the like of which you can find in any shop, but you might know by now that I'd much prefer to go without, especially if there is lush green grass to walk on. Do not go wandering on the asphalt barefoot, though, or you risk your feet getting scorched.

 Lastly, for a little touch of magic, add some glitter or shimmer to your make-up and you are ready for Queen Titania herself to grant you an audience. Well, maybe not, but you are guaranteed to turn a few heads as you pass.

Photos: m'love
Dress: Vero Moda
Flower crown: Atomic Stitches
Necklace: Luminoire

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  1. I am torn between commenting "This is the cutest bunny of them all" and "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS HONEY" so I'll comment both. <3

  2. I am glad you wrote another article but I am as useless as a fridge in Alaska when it comes to fashion and clothes :( But the fact that you are more determined to write more often is alwys appreciated. P.s. white really suits the color of your hair.

    1. "As useless as a fridge in Alaska" is probably one of the best comparisons I've heard so far, haha. I greatly appreciate your input, especially seeing as it's not something you're really interested in. Any critique towards images and writing is still welcome, if it helps. :)
      And thank you!

  3. Your Pictures are so lovely :)
    Anni & Toby