Little Healing Spells VIII

Sunday, 12 June 2016
Slightly outdated photo, taken by my beloved Mi.
Doing coursework outdoors.
Да си пишеш заданията на открито.

Finally finding the perfect words for a translation.
Най-сетне да откриеш идеалните думи за някой превод.

Happy, bouncy, bubbly bunnies.
Щастливи, щъкащи, щурави зайчета.

Birds nesting right above your window...
Птички, които гнездят точно над прозореца ти...

... and singing you to sleep after all of the lights go out.
... и които те приспиват с песните си след като всички светлини угаснат.


  1. Oh my gosh that bunny is adorable! And that last photo is simply breathtaking <3

    1. She's also a pain to chase after and likes befriending unfamilliar cats, haha. And thank you, doll! <3

  2. can not wait for Little Healing Spells IX...