Before the Last Petals Fall [OOTD]

by - November 25, 2015

 This year's autumn is as golden as it is emerald, and the grey rainclouds looming over the city have done nothing to subdue its vibrant colours. Roses, still blooming even in November, speckle the landscape with shades of red and pink. Nevertheless, it will soon be time for them, and many other living creatures, to go into their slumber, for night inevitably comes to all, albeit in different forms. This is why I am taking full advantage of the sun's final rays of warmth, as well as bringing Nature's colour palette into my wardrobe (and hair) once more.

 If you are like me, and you always feel a marked difference between the cold outside and the heat inside, then short sleeves, warm oversized jackets and hoodies, tights, and knee-high/higher-than-knee socks are an option. Balance your body temperature out by zipping up, down, halfway, or taking your outerwear off entirely. Feel free to add an optional beanie hat when going outside, which I had done along with my hoodie, but let's pretend that the poltergeist who lives inside my computer did not particularly fancy those pictures and... ate them.

 As for the legs, never underestimate how warm a thick pair of tights are, and keep in mind that nude tights seeming colder than dark ones is only an illusion. Layer your long socks on top; if you notice them slipping down (which they always do), keep them up with the help of a garter belt. Also, this is a very important point: make sure that your knees are warm at all times. Obviously, make sure that all of you is warm at all times, and do not sacrifice health for style's sake. Still, I cannot put enough stress on how tender your knee and waist areas really are, and how sensitive they are to the cold.

 Finish the entire look off by adding your favourite warm-toned accessories (where would I be without my chokers and crystals?), drink plenty of warm liquids, and enjoy the rest of this fleeting autumn.

First and last photo by: Gabriella

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Primark
Necklace: Luminoire
Choker: DIY

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