Little Healing Spells VII

by - November 07, 2015


1. Turn a mundane activity into a ritual.
 Devote a bit more time to one of the more enjoyable parts of the day that you normally have to rush through. If you like taking hot baths, get your LUSH bath bomb ready, whip up a home made body scrub, light a candle or two, and enjoy your improvised at-home spa treatment. If you are a tea lover, like myself, brew your favourite type of tea, pour it into your favourite mug, and drink it slowly to the sound of your favourite music playing in the background. Complete each phase slowly, and with precision and care.

 Tip: lavender, chamomile and lemon balm are infamous for calming stress and anxiety. 

2. Clean and de-clutter your room or house
 Three years ago this line would have made me roll my eyes. It took me a while to admit that "artistically chaotic" and "know where everything is" simply do not ring true, and I promise you that devoting a day to cleaning and rearranging every single detail in your living space will leave you feeling so much more refreshed in the long run than having a lazy day in.

3. Make lists of things
 This could be related to the above point, but it definitely does not have to be. Nor does it have to be a list of physical objects, or of tasks that you need to complete. Write down some of your fondest memories of your friends. Write down all of the creative ideas you have. Write down everything and everyone you are grateful for. Write down every tiny thing that made you smile that day (have you not wondered where my Little Healing Spells came from?). Or just make a shopping list, so long as your take your time with it.

4. Make a playlist consisting of your favourite songs
 And after that? Play it on repeat until you feel better. I would advise you to try and select calmer songs, but I know that people's music tastes simply do not work that way sometimes. Who knows, maybe speed metal will help you get rid of all that pent-up negative energy. Try and keep the playlist around 10-15 songs long.

5. Download and listen to a book in audio format
 If you have never tried this, I urge you to give it a go. You save space in your bag when you're commuting or travelling. You can enjoy your favourite reads whilst washing the dishes or soaking in the bathtub (refer to point No.1). Yet, probably the biggest advantage listening to a book has to reading it, for me, is that it gives your eyes a break, and it helps you fall asleep faster. I often need hours to fall asleep, and the "just one more chapter" self-delusion is never of any help to me.

 And, of course, the obligatory clarification: all of these steps are simply my ways of dealing with my bad moods, and they will not necessarily have the same effect on you. If any of you have any rituals or healing spells for when you're feeling stressed or anxious, please feel free to share them in the comments section. I plan to add more lists to this one in the future.

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  1. Yesssss thank you so much for this post! I agree with the whole Lush thing - I love taking bubble baths, it really calms me down!

    I'm thinking of drinking chamomile tea as I've heard great things about it, and the wonders it'll do!

  2. Fantastic ideas! I always find that cleaning something makes me feel more purposeful, also taking a walk and getting some fresh air! Great post xx

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