The Girl Who Chased the Rabbit [OOTD]

by - August 07, 2015

Behold the looking glass.
What do you see?
A not-too-brave girl;
A not-too-smart girl;
A girl who is almost you
But almost isn't.
Don't worry, she
Doesn't see you.

 When I first made an outfit post on this blog quite a few people told me that they would love to see more of them. Inspired by the Alice-blue dress I miraculously scoured from a thrift shop a while back (I almost never wear blue), I went on a wild rabbit chase through the Cambridge Botanical Gardens.

 Sadly, I do not have Alice's white apron, but I do have a white bunny-eared bag to make up for it (that's how it works, isn't it?). I was very tempted to add her bunny-eared head scarf as well but I opted for a regular black headband instead, to prevent the overuse of the rabbit element. As for the shoes, I put on a pair of low black platforms - comfortable enough to explore the gardens and talk to the flowers for hours, but still creating a somewhat chic look. For a more innocent version, I would suggest going for a full platform, such as these (sold in Primark) or, if you'd rather avoid heels and platforms, ballet flats like these (from H&M).

 Finally, because I was feeling a bit odd without my usual hint of alternative style, I added in a tattoo choker with a mood pendant hanging from it. Feel free to mix and mismatch a few long necklaces as well.

The photos are taken by my mum :3 and the magnificent edits transporting me to Wonderland are by my beloved Mi.

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: New Yorker
Headband & choker: Claire's

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