Little Healing Spells, Vol. VI [Summer Edition]

by - June 22, 2015

 If you expect this post to be me taking the easy way out after a month's absence, then you're absolutely right. However, it is Monday and, for myself and many others, it is only the middle of the exam session. I hope that you will all understand and I dare I ask for a little more patience, as I do have a number of posts planned for after this chaotic period.

 I hope those of you who celebrated the Summer Solstice had a great time - I know I did at Sofia's Holi festival. And since it is officially the end of spring, this post will, predictably, be dedicated to summer.

☽ It does not get dark until after 10 p.m.

☽ Bonfire parties that often don't require actual bonfires (and ones that do).

☽ The complicated decision between an iced tea or a strawberry daiquiri.

☽ Corn on the cob sold at the beach.

☽ More freckles and lighter hair because of the sun.

☽ No shoes and minimal clothing.

☽ Drinking straight out of coconuts.

☽ Christmas songs accidentally making their way into your summer playlist.

☽ Watermelon and mango.

☽ The eternal childish notion that summer means no responsibilities.

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