Little Healing Spells, Vol. V [A Post By You]

by - May 15, 2015

- kisses on the nose
- holding a loved one's hand
- black tea with cinnamon sticks
- burying your toes into the sand
- that feeling when you're reading while lying down and the edges of the book are poking into your stomach, but you don't mind

☾ ZIN:
- finding the perfect oversized shirt.
- the satisfaction after finishing a long book you've been struggling to get through.
- making origami stars and colouring them.
- making someone smile/happy with something you've done/said.
- finding the perfect words while writing.
- finishing each other's sentences.

☾ MI:
- Seeing smiling kids in the bus across from yours.
- Cooking for yourself and finally making it work! Somewhat.
- Avocado.
- Watching a TV series in a supermarket and squealing at the characters.
- Play dough mermaids.
- Coming home to coffee and sweets made by mum.
- Long hours spent in Costa with cool people and strawberry lemonade.

- flowers. lots of flowers. more flowers.
- using paint and smothering yourself up to the elbows in it.
- staying awake all night during summer and/or winter (because winter air is refreshing and invigorating and summer air smells of roses, flowers and freedom).
- staring at the night sky.
- meteor showers.
- photographing somebody's eyes under the sunlight, because it automatically changes them.
- kisses on the cheeks and forehead.
- walks through the forest.
- conversations with little children and the elderly, because they best understand the world.

 - Airports and stations where somebody is waiting for you.
 - Smiling at a stranger on the street.
 - Possibly having a stranger smile back at you.
 - When the radio plays your favourite song.
 - Raising a cactus.
 - Incidentally falling in love.

 - long showers with angry music on full blast - shouting angry, though, so you can yell your heart out
 - and afterwards - herbal tea with honey and lounging around naked.
 - walking around naked at home in general, it's so liberating and it helps a lot with getting used to aspects of your body.
 - long afternoons in meadows.
 - my usual trick and favourite habit - alone in the woods with a book.
 - spontaneous trains, really.
 - even if they're not all that spontaneous, road-trips, especially far away from the big city, are so liberating.
 - on that note, a few days with nan and grandad in the countryside.
 - manual labour using your hands, especially if it has to do with gardening and agriculture.
 - but grinding spices makes me very happy too, for some reason.
 - speaking of which, any nasty and seemingly odious work with your hands - with turned-up music and singing with all of your might, with dancing and solving problems out loud.
 - and, because that isn't always fun, handicraft - homemade ointments are my favourite in that respect, but I personally scribble on t-shirts as well, and let's not forget cooking.
 - junk. not junk every day, though - junk when you need it, or you feel like it. the truth is, if you don't consume that much of it, your body stops craving it, but if you have the opportunity, it's wonderful to have a bite sometimes. without thinking of it as cheating.
 - bouquets of lilac. purchased, or picked on your own, lilacs.

  Ages ago, I'd asked people on my Facebook and accounts to send me some of their own white magic for black days, so that I could include them in a post. However, with so many beautiful thoughts at hand, I think it will be best to dedicate this post entirely to these wonderful people. I would also love it if anyone who has missed my invitation comments below with a few healing spells of their own.
 As for me, I've been distracted by events around university, work, my birthday and mi amore's visit. I'll be back on track soon enough, promise!

Now go make somebody smile (and yes, that somebody can be you as well).

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