The Tree Sap People [OOTD]

by - April 12, 2015

My ears may not be pointy, I may have left my bow at home, and the leather and fur I wear might be fake, but I can still hear the call of the woods, even through the city's concrete walls.
 A Bosmer (or Wood Elf) favours light armour so they can remain nimble and, in case of a close-range attack, will be able to quickly put some distance between themselves and their opponent. They are best with a bow and arrow and earthy colours help them blend in with the spring forest, allowing them to remain undetected as they land their blow. What the Tree Sap People are most well-known for, however, is their inherent connection with Nature and the inhabitants of the forests, whom they can turn to for help, should the need arise. 

 I am not an elf, nor a warrior, so fake leather works better for me than elven armour. I'm sticking to the earthy colour palette (with the exception of the ever-present blacks) and, as the weather seems to finally be warming up, I've let my skin enjoy a bit more sun in a corset top. Make sure to keep a jacket close at hand, as the wind may surprise you. On that specific day, a cropped knit jacket with fake fur sufficed. Finally, studded or spiked chokers are well-known symbols of a fighting spirit. Instead of the classic leather-and-metal chokers, I went for a hemp and crystals one. Fluorite is said to aid communication with nature spirits, faeries, elves and other fair folk. It is also a powerful healing and protective crystal - properties useful not only to warriors. Purple fluorite in particular brings spiritual peace, and is useful for dream recollection. 

 To those who play Skyrim and understood all of this, awesome! And to all, I hope you're having a good time, whether you have celebrated anything or not, and may the wind guide you.

 Top: Thrifted
Outerwear: Thrifted
Trousers: New Yorker
Combat boots: New Yorker
Choker: Psy Sub on Etsy

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  1. Ама най-най-красивата елфка! ♡