Little Healing Spells, Vol. IV

by - April 04, 2015

Me being confused by the weather, as seen by Mi.

☽ Spinning around in a backless top and feeling your hair lift from your shoulder blades.

☽ Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick.

☽ Travel-sized versions of your favourite books (and of everything in general).

☽ Girls whose hair smells like strawberries.

☽ Guys who use Armani Mania.

☽ Finding your favourite song from a band's new album.

☽ Counting new freckles after a very sunny day.

 I don't like giving advice to people, mainly because the only life I have experience with is my own. More likely than not, the way I do (or would do) things would produce an entirely different result for the other person, and the way they usually handle problems would leave me utterly bewildered. These lists are not me teaching anybody how to cheer themselves up, or enjoy the little things in life more, but they definitely help me. And, if even one other person finds a reason to smile in these posts, then what more could I ask for?

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