Early Morning Train to Sofia [Sofia, Bulgaria]

by - March 01, 2015

 Take the early morning train to Sofia and watch the sunrise from behind stained windows. Read Bukowski, or any other angry white male author. Laugh at how pretentious you probably look. Continue reading until the train finally stops.

 Ride the subway to the centre of the city. Stop in the National Palace of Culture underpass to listen to the man playing Imagine Dragons on his acoustic guitar. Don't forget to tip. Go crash at your friend's place. Notice how most of the cats in the neighbourhood are black. Take it as a good sign.

 Go to a random gig at Mixtape 5 in the evening. Move to another club when it's over and drink cocktails at 1 a.m. Drink tea in Veda House in the morning. Don't fall asleep in between.

 Hike up Vitosha mountain, because no matter where you are, it's always close by. Admire the view of the city from "The Hoof". Climb up the metal towers supporting the abandoned lift and see how many buildings you can recognise. Drink beer on the grass and discuss your mortality. Sleep on the journey back to the heart of the city.

 Leave Sofia in the evening with a daisy chain in your hair, a dozen used tickets, all of them tattered and scribbled over, and someone else's bra in your backpack (wonder how that got there...). Read Paulo Coelho, or any other pseudo-existential author aspiring to sound intellectual and profound. Laugh at how predictable you probably look. Continue reading until the train finally stops.

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  1. I'm fucking in love with your blog. Как може да съществува някой толкова адорабъл като теб ♡