Heart-Shaped Drawings and Lipstick Stains

by - February 02, 2016

 I wear fluffy oversized hoodies and over-the-knee socks at home now, to counter the sudden drop in temperature after his departure. They comfort me as well, somewhat. The snow only fell last night, but I feel like it's been snowing for weeks when I look outside. It's not quite "Winter Wonderland" yet, but, if my camera lens cost a few thousands, I could have made it look like one.

 It never snows here when Mi Amor is down in winter, so we spend most of our time watching TV shows and films, or playing video games, all whilst snuggling. Sometimes he'll entwine his fingers in my hair, sometimes he'll let his hand glide across my stomach and below, sometimes both. Other times, he'll leave tiny love notes scattered around my room for me to find days after he's gone, just as I leave heart-shaped drawings and lipstick kisses in his notebooks.

 The day before he left, we went to a concert - Sabaton, with guests Battle Beast and Delain. We met the members of the warm-up bands after the show, and I imagined Mi Amor telling all of his male housemates about how he got a hug from Charlotte Wessels. I can't quite recall what I did when I went up to the artists. My brain was still inside the concert hall, ordering my heart to beat to the rhythm of songs I've laughed and cried and danced and headbanged to. I'm not sure why I feel so good in concert crowds. Maybe it's because they're big enough for me to be invisible in. Or maybe we are all invisible together, and the only thing anybody sees is pure energy setting everything ablaze.

 When I turned around in bed that night, there was no one next to me. Just a musky aroma lingering on the sheets. One hour until sunrise.

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  1. I do not care if it is the story of how you bought a loaf of bread or how you closed the door after getting into your apartment in a cold night, but you should write more. In my book it is a serious crime to hide your talents thus denying people of joys which are rightfully theirs

    1. You flatter me with your compliments, though I hardly think I'm worthy of them. Still, best be careful - suggesting that any part of a person belongs to others, as opposed to themselves, is not usually taken well. x)

  2. I object your honor.
    In this world everything is distributed among mortals to be shared not saved, and art is no exception. Think about it ; what would the world be like without music, books, statues, films,plays.....
    You are gifted and you should share it with the ones lacking that skill.
    Yet, if i kept you in my dungeon and made you write for just my pleasure ; that would be an issue I should be careful about. What I ask of you is for the benefit of public so i can raise my voice as much as necessary without the guilt of being misunderstood.