Little Healing Spells, Vol. III

by - December 17, 2014

☽ Lipstick stains on coffee mugs.

☽ Coffee stains on the pages of my journal.

☽ Finishing your essays and assignments early and enjoying your free time to the fullest.

☽ How it feels like Grimes songs and Sailor Moon would go perfectly together.

☽ Laced curtains drawing patterns on your bare skin.

☽ Actually throwing glitter on people.

☽ Incense that smells like a forest after rain.

☽ Looking for gifts for someone and finding that one thing 'made' especially for them.

☽ The courage of Hobbits.

 I haven't been active in a while, as I was temporarily overpowered by university and work. This is no excuse and I will try to avoid such occasions in the future. For now, I hope this brings some magic into your days, and I hope you guys will share some of your own Little Healing Spells with me - I like to smile too, you know!

Can also be found in Mi's beautiful blog. <3

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