Megalithic Knights and City Lights [Stonehenge, Wiltshire; nighttime London]

by - September 14, 2014

I envy my other half's photography skills.
 I started noticing a marked difference in the way I perceive famous artworks and landmarks when I stopped allowing room for others' opinions into my own experience. Or at least I've become sceptical of enthusiasts and travel bloggers who mention feeling mysterious vibrations and any sort of aura emitting from the former. When magic is spoken of too often, it fades into gossip and, as we drove to Stonehenge after leaving Wales only a few hours earlier, I braced myself for disappointment.

 The eager crowd attracted my attention first. Dozens, maybe hundreds of people, all looking in one spot, all seeing different things. When all this is through, a mother will visit her son in his new home and say it's merely a pile of rocks left behind after some deity's drunken game of dominoes. But a daughter, drawn in by curiosity and potential, will resolve to become an archaeologist and give the world facts instead of opinions.
 As I delved further into these thoughts, I failed to notice we'd already crossed the field separating the entrance from the actual monument. And there it was - the circle of stone giants. I stopped and stared at them in a daze.
 And they stared back.

Ever predictable tourist shots.

 As August became September, autumn rains began to fall. I'm taking full advantage of the last patches of green I'll see for a while. Any drive is made much more enjoyable when you're concealed beneath tunnels of deciduous trees.

 After a two days rest, consisting of comedy films, Top Gear and walks around parks, it was time to set out for a night around London. At least it's fairly easy to stay awake at our age, especially when you've stocked up on energy drinks (I am loyal to Pussy, my partner's more of a Rockstar). 
 Here's a tip for anyone who wants good shots of London at night: parking on Waterloo bridge is allowed and it has a breathtaking view of the London Eye and Elizabeth Tower (falsely known as Big Ben). We did give the whole 'cute couple picture' thing a go, but with our flashgun forgotten and alone back in my partner's room, they didn't turn out quite so well.
 One unexpected thing we discovered about London was that King's Cross station does, in fact, close at some part of the night. This is the tragically heartbreaking story of how, on the 1st of September, I missed my train to Hogwarts.

 After a bit of roaming around, featuring a glimpse of Mick Jagger's former residence - Downe House in Richmond, we decided to get a few hours' sleep. Of course, parking right next to Richmond park was bound to attract the attention of security guards, but it was still a public highway and we didn't get chased away. At around five in the morning, or five at night, when night owls have gone to sleep and early birds have not yet awakened, we left the ghostly empty town behind.

 The final three days together were spent meeting up with mutual friends. A visit to the local pub was mandatory, as was hanging out in parks with snacks, just like five years ago when I first met the gang (and with it my current love) in real life.

 The good thing about my definition of 'home' being a person, instead of a place, is that I can take it, him, with me whenever I feel like I've been in the same place for too long. And that happens often. The bad thing is, I also have to leave it, him, behind for more days than I'd like to count.
 But I still do. And I still count. Because it won't always be like this and, so long as we still feel each other's heartbeats along with our own, we'll know they're home with us.

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  1. Why do I always feel guilty when i am about to ask for tips regarding restaurants or local food culture ? Anyway, whats done is done . Could you please recommend some places to taste the local delicacies. here i did it despite all the same covering me for asking so shallow thing about such a great place

    1. Do you mean around the UK, or in Wiltshire in particular? Well, doesn't matter, really - any pub is a good place to have a typically English meal. And I'm sure you're aware of this, but don't ask for a rare steak. Seriously.
      If you want a fast food-ish restaurant, Nando's has some of the best chicken and sauces I've tasted in my life. All cruelty-free, free range, etc.