Little Healing Spells vol. II [Autumn edition]

by - September 23, 2014

"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."

- Lauren DeStephano

 Golden, calm, quiet, melancholic, rainy, crisp, pure, full of memories and emotions long forgotten. I love the sound of autumn - it sounds like poetry. So, instead of feeling sad that you'll have to leave your beer aside until the next month with no 'r' in its name, enjoy the final rays of sunshine. They'll be gone for a while too.

 ❦ Sweater weather is back. And so are knee high socks, combat boots, hoodies, beanies and the incorporation of all these elements into a single outfit. It's when clothes feel the most comfortable, at least to me.
 Don't worry, it's warm enough back home to just walk around in a plaid shirt or a fluffy pullover.

Smoke brush by SEspider. Photoshop is not my forte.

 ❦ The aroma of apple and cinnamon tea, roasted pumpkin, burning firewood and petrichor. There's a special Witches brew I like to make to enhance the atmosphere at home - you can find it here. I also like to add a bit of caraway to the concoction, gives it a whole new dimension.

 Note: this recipe is for aroma only, though I tend to nibble on the fruits once I've finished.

 ❦ DIY decorations with 'raw' materials. And by that, I mean golden leaves, dried sticks, fir/pine/spruce cones and any other objects found lying around outside. Glue them together to create paintings, or sew them onto hemp strings to create garlands and wreaths. Try sticking some leaves and/or short sticks on the outside of a transparent glass candlestick or mason jar. Witches do love their jars.

 ❦ On that note, Halloween decorations and Halloween itself. No matter what you celebrate on the night of the 31st (and believe me, the options are plenty), you have to admit there's something cute and liberating about wearing the costumes and masks we choose for ourselves, for once.

 ❦ October. I'm a spring child myself, but October is definitely one of my favourite months. It's when the sun caresses, but doesn't sting, it's when the wind is cool but not cold. What's more, it's the birth month of the two most important male figures in my life - my father and my soulmate.

 ❦ Time to light the fireplace. I know not everyone has one in their home, but there's also bonfires and lanterns and scented candles. See if you feel the difference between artificial and natural warmth.

 Now, there's plenty of other things I love about autumn, but if I wrote any more down I'd take more time from your exploring and crafting away. You can tell me what you love about autumn instead. No, I will not accept "I don't like autumn at all" for an answer - I'm sure you'll find at least one thing you don't get to experience during any other time of the year.

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  1. Този пост е толкова прекрасен, че го препрочитам да еди си кой си път! :3

  2. ха, днес даже излязох да си направя няколко есенни снимки. и ме подсети за изсушеното ми цветно есенно листо. обичам есента. ♥

    1. Някак винаги успявам да загубя листенцата, които си запазвам. Не знам. Но пък бих искала да видя снимките. ^^

  3. Reading, yeah it can sound stupid at first but hey listen to me first, during the summertime my books only get a wistful glance from me, a longing touch now and then. But once these long evenings set in, I can spend more time reading. Which. I. Love.

    The sky is absolutely glorious in October. It can be terrifying and lovely at the same time, but it always worth sitting down for a moment in the midst of the day and admiring it. Now and then (not often enough!) I lie on the grass and just study the clouds. So much detail and such lovely changing values and color.

    1. Stupid? Hardly. It's a very good reason to love autumn, though being a student, our roles are reversed. x)

      Now this, I can agree with entirely.