Sunshine, Daisies, Butter, Mellow... [Varna, Bulgaria]

by - August 14, 2014

 Early in the morning, after saying goodbye to my three house elves of destruction (read: a cat and two rabbits), I left the crowded city with a bag full of CD's, a head full of flowers and the promise of "an unexpected meeting". The last bit was served alongside my cappuccino at a gas station and I strongly hoped it would come true.
 Travel is a physical need for me and I'm a terribly lucky girl for being able to satisfy it as often as I do.

 So, where did the white rabbit run off to this time? Why, back to the sea to dance with the mock turtle beneath this month's super moon. Oh, will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance? There's no gold to be found at the end of the moonlit path (well, not literal gold, at least), but the water is warm and, if you lose yourself long and deep enough, you might reach the rising red sun. At least, I did.
 I have a special place in my heart for photos of the sky, sunrises and sunsets in particular. I know it doesn't really take much skill to balance some reds, blues and yellows, but it feels nice.

  During my late night and early morning swims, I was watched over by two stone guardians. Elevated above the water and sand, they gazed lovingly at their unborn child, but surveying their surroundings through the corners of their eyes. For a moment I wondered if they were merely stuck inside a time wound, waiting until it heals so they can come back to life when the world most needs magic. Well, a white rabbit aspiring to be a dragon rider can dream...

  When I wasn't swimming outside, I spent my time in the hotel room, cuddled beneath cotton sheets and insomnia. No living creature kept me company there, only phantoms beckoned to the shadows. I could tell they were the ghosts of flowers, because the room smelled of them even though they'd long been replaced by cheap plastic imitations. I've never liked fake flowers because my mother never liked fake flowers.

 The final day was mostly spent reading in the car on the way back home, but before that - a little detour to a city eighty miles away, for a meetup with two friends. After some initial chaos and confusion, I only got to see one of them, unfortunately, but it was still a surprise (I guess 'fortune coffees' know their thing). Two smiles I hadn't seen until then joined us and I'm already anticipating the next time I see these lovely sea creatures.

 So, what is the recipe to the perfect road-trip finale? A good playlist for the ride back. Here you'll find a 'short' YouTube playlist highlighting some of my all-time travel favourites, ranging from old school rock and newer, more energetic rock tracks, to indie and honest summer hits. And yes, my taste in music is both terrible and excellent, depending on where you stand.

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  1. AAwwwwwwwwwwwwwh, I love this!

  2. So, what is the recipe to the perfect roadtrip finale?
    Well i will have to disagree about your suggestion as the best finale for anything is eating a pizza together ;)
    P.S. I am not sorry for my gluttony, i just consider eating something with someone as a means of connecting :P

    1. The fault in your version of a perfect finale is that I don't like pizza. x)

  3. Invalid argument. ERROR - ERROR. no one can do that. It is ..... idk it is illegal or it should be . EVERYONE HAS TO BE IN LOVE WITH PIZZA :P