A Tail of Four Cats

by - August 24, 2014

 'Have you heard the legend of Princess Cappuccino Luna Del Beige and her brother and two sisters? Many moons ago they were kidnapped from their home by an elderly female giant and offered as a gift to another of her kind.'

 "I was going to kill them off, but they've grown up a bit and it'd be a pity. Do you want them?" were the words with which the three daughters and one son were introduced to their new captor. Upon seeing they are of royal heritage, however, the second giant immediately assumed her rightful position as their servant and guard. Their Royal Highnesses were given a bed to sleep in, toys to play with and milk to drink until we're full. Well, the bed was a cardboard box, the toys were two other servants and the milk was a cheap imitation of their mother's gourmet meals. Still, it seemed this was all the giants could do and, as Their Majesties were merciful, no severe punishment was given out.
 It is said that the giants were helping their masters conquer new kingdoms by presenting them to their current giant-rulers, though as of yet, they have not been successful. Yes, dear reader, the legend is true and I am the honourable Princess Cappuccino Luna Del Beige. I am on a quest to claim my place as the rightful ruler of any kingdom and take its giant people under my wing."

 "Hear that? She didn't even mention our names once! The readers would much prefer hearing of my bravery and strength and victories in battle! All you do is sleep, bathe and steal our food! I, on the other hand, was the first to climb up the dangerous box and lead all of you into victory. I'm the fastest and strongest of you all! I'm-"

 "You, dear brother, share a ridiculous name with me. We both are 'Twosocks' and the only thing that puts you on a pedestal before me is that you're 'Little Sock Number One' and I'm 'Little Sock Number Two'. Now stop boasting (you even weigh less than all of us, for fish's sake)."

 "Humph. Amateur."

 "Say what now?"

 "Guys, please! We're here to make a good impression on potential families, not wage war on each other!.. Forgive the interruption, dear reader. My name is Alohamora and our 'quest' began last Monday. We're all too light to put pressure on the keyboard, so we're dictating all of this to our human (not giant - Princess has an affinity to epic stories).
 I'm sorry to say we cannot travel to those who only speak this language, as the distance is too big, but hopefully we weren't a bother to listen to.

 Thank you for your time!"

 Princess Cappuccino Luna Del Beige, Twosocks and Alohamora

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