Running to the Sea [Pomorie, Bulgaria]

by - July 29, 2014

 Tales of road trips usually start with descriptions of the scenery along the way - recreating nature's majesty and spontaneity. That is not something I will do - not because of my seemingly infinite stubbornness, but because we are the scenery. And the background music, and the main characters, and the only characters.  My other half lives one thousand miles away from me and we see each other every few months, yet he is the only thing that feels like home. And this July "home" was on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea.

 We spent our days lost - either at sea or in the city. We wandered through the secluded living quarters of the city long before we even saw the tourist traps in the distance. What we found were beautiful flower gardens, a cat with the brightest green eyes I have ever seen and a stunning girl wearing a retro dress, red heels and holding a bouquet of balloons in her hand.

 Even this far away from the crowds, the sea breeze carried the sound of summer hits and the smell of fairy floss (which I could not resist getting) and we eventually found ourselves dodging laughing faces and camera flashes in a miniature amusement park. Clouds concealed the stars and moon from our view. Dozens of floating lanterns occupied their places and their tiny flames winked playfully at dreamers' stares. As the fairy floss melted sugary kisses upon my lips I lost myself in his eyes - eyes that shone brighter than the carnival lights.

 We're complete opposites when it comes to many things - he wants to tan, I want to pale. He loves the "cappuccino" tint to my skin, I want mine to be as milky white as his. Somehow, neither of us get what we want, so we're content with walking around the beach, instead of tanning. Besides, what trip to the seaside would be complete without a number of collected seashells, devil pods and occasionally, pieces of driftwood? If you look very closely among the grains of sand, you'll find shells so tiny, you'd imagine any smaller would be microscopic. Yet, the more you search, the smaller they get.

 I'll let you in on a little secret: my favourite swimming weather is the calm before a storm - when the sun rays are not scorching my skin, the air is still warm and the roar of thunder is still a distant whisper. Strangely enough, if you dive underwater, the sound vibrations feel amplified and tickle your senses.

 Finally, always remember to set the mood to your trip with some good tunes. I vouched for a lot of indie bands (Of Monsters and Men have my undying love), old-school rock (because it just isn't a road trip unless someone's getting undressed to 'She's Got the Jack') and any happy tunes that have the words 'sea', 'coast', 'ride', 'drive', or respectively their synonyms, in the title.

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  1. what about a basket of picnic on the beach ? Would not you consider that for the next seaside trip ?

    1. The idea crossed our minds, but was quickly dismissed due to wind blowing sand everywhere. We will definitely keep it in mind for the next trip, though. There are so many things we didn't get the chance to do!

  2. Replies
    1. Let's keep them a secret for now, just in case we get another chance to do them this summer. :3

  3. Ah, how stupid i am . Of course, as you wish...