Little Healing Spells

by - July 16, 2014

☽ Fruits for breakfast, freshly picked from your own garden.

☽ Small, snuggly creatures warming your feet at night.

☽ Waking up to said fluffballs nuzzling your sleepy face (unless you're allergic).

☽ People who have two copies of "Fight Club" in their bedroom.

☽ Accidentally waking up early enough to catch the sunrise.

☽ There are still Tolkien books out there without film adaptations.

☽ Gathering fallen flowers and hanging them up to air dry.

In case I have left anyone confused, Little Healing Spells do not actually require an altar, any herbs, candles or any sort of practice of magic and paganism. They are merely tiny fragments of life on the loose and they like latching onto any who are ready and willing to notice them. Don't believe me? Then tell me, how come those random specks of glitter keep appearing on your cheekbones? 

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  1. <зз защо си толкова прекрасно?
    This post makes me calm and happy inside.