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Hygge [Copenhagen, Denmark]

Day 1: Green, then blue, then green again. The landscape could not make up its mind between those two colours, but it was oh-so pleasing to watch land and water blend into each other from above. Not so much from ground level, however, as our taxi driver sped past the emeral fields and a few red lights. It had been a long time since I'd travelled with my mother, so I was more than eager to leap at the opportunity when it presented itself (surprisingly) no more than a week earlier.

 Our destination was a small hotel dangling above a railroad. If I stood on the window, I could wave to the passengers of the trains as they slowed to a stop near the station. I had to admit, this was the most unusual view I'd had yet, but it was certainly exciting.

 After resting for a few minutes, barely enough for me to regain any of my strength, we set out for an early dinner. We felt drawn to a quaint cafe poking out from undeneath a rather imposing building. As it often happens with these places…

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