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The Quest for "The Golden Apple"

Starting this post off with an explanation of how inspirational mythology and folklore are to me and how influential Norse, Japanese, Egyptian, etc. legends are to pop culture would be unnecessary. A tad condescending, even. Hence why I will skip the introductions and jump straight to the main body of the text: the lesser-known mythology of the Balkans.

 This is where Studio Zmei comes in. They are a team of talented, hard-working animators and storytellers with a brave, but entirely possible dream: to create a fantasy animated series based on the folklore and legends of the Balkans, and to share it with the entire world.
 The animation, called The Golden Apple, takes place in an enchanting (and enchanted) realm where mists spill from the gossamer hairs of the elemental spirits and you might just catch one of the seasons roaming the forests and pastures of the land. Just be wary if you hear singing coming through the trees, lest the beautiful samodivi lure you in. Their haunting song…

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