Pumpkin Spice [OOTD]

Wednesday, 3 January 2018
Mi: Stop making animal shapes with your hands.
Me: No, I must dance!
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Cloak: Light in the Box
Trousers & belt: H&M
Boots: Ara Shoes

 First and foremost, I would like to wish everybody an amazing and enchanting year.

 I'm starting off 2018 on this blog with an OOTD post, shot by my love Mi (who has a similar look on her own  beautiful blog), because of no specific reason, other than that I feel like it. I've even done a fancy, gradual transformation from dressed with a cloak for the outdoors, to a cardigan for the chilly university classrooms, to only the bodysuit when one is at home, cuddled in front of the TV with a steaming cuppa and a cat in one's lap. Because less clothing is always good.

 On a more serious note, I would like to draw everybody's attention to my necklace, handcrafted by my fae friend Elizabeth le Fay. It is made of horn, leather and amethyst, imbued with pure magic an has the Ogham rune Saille embedded into it to symbolise the willow tree, which I feel personally drawn to. Known also as "withy tree" and "sally tree", willows are connected to water and the moon, according to Celtic tradition. The alder was called the king of the waters, and the willow was his queen. The willow's connection to water is symbolic for he rlink with the otherworld, be it of the Fae, the underworld of the elders, or the realm of the gods. The willow is also sacred to the Welsh goddess-ruler of the moon Ceridwen.

 I invite everybody to have a look through Elizabeth's shop to admire her beautiful creations and possibly discover their own guiding necklaces there at a 30% discount with the code "HAPPYNEWYEAR".

 Is there a rune from the Ogham alphabet that you feel a connection with? Or perhaps you prefer symbols of a different origin?

Deck the Halls [Vienna Christmas Bazaar Photo Diary]

Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Vienna, Austria
 When I was a tiny little thing, I got the opportunity to experience the pure magic that is Vienna during the Christmas season. Though I've paid this beloved city many visits, most of them never quite coincided with this amazing time of the year... until now.

 This is not a "Christmas miracle" - they are too rare and too special for this phrase to be used so lightly. Yet, stepping through the crowds of happy people, mug of glühwein in one hand and a caramel apple in the other was much like walking through a fairytale. I have little to say about this experience, for words will not suffice. Thus, I will leave these fragments of my time at the market in front of the Rathaus here. If they convey but a spark of the Christmas magic which twinkled in the eyes of all the passers-by, then I will be happy.

What is everyone's favourite Christmas memory?
 Happy Holidays, my lovelies!

pLOVEdiv [Photo Diary]

Friday, 1 December 2017
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
 The silky feel of a cat purring in your lap. The unpredictable rhythm of jazz. The taste of a steamy cup of coffee. The smell of crisp autumn air. The sight of a rainbow standing out from a fortress of ruined clouds.

 Writers will put it down in words much more eloquent than mine. Photographers will see it in all its colours through their few-thousand-pound lenses. I can do neither. I can simply try and use what I have to recreate a feeling, rather than a city.
Plovdiv. P-love-div.